After several frantic months, I was giddy at the prospect of a girls weekend. And while four days doesn’t sound like much, this weekend I discovered that can be just the right number of days to reset my brain and body.

And all I had to do to make that discovery was run 13.1 miles in a princess crown.

The irony of going to Disney, without my children, during vacation week was not lost on me:

The number of lap-seated children and infants was historic – at one point the flight attendant had to tell the people behind me that the row could only accommodate four people, not five. One of the moms didn’t have a problem giving her child to dad, but couldn’t because he was wandering the aisle as his seat was double booked. After listening to wailing infants, aggressive shushing and yelling toddlers for over an hour due to a flight delay, I was able to (thankfully) drown out the sounds by renting of R.I.P.D. through Gogo Inflight.

It was just the kind of perfectly stupid/fairly silly movie I needed.

While our travels down were a bit rough, the rest of the weekend went smoothly. Though I packed my iPad and Kindle, I actually ended up reading  The Roses Underneath, a historical fiction novel sent to us by listener and first time author C.F. Yetmen. The story, which was enjoyable and very engaging, is also current as it involves the Monuments Men (how is that for timing??).

Roses Underneath

It  made me incredibly proud and happy to think we inspired the author in any way.

On Saturday, before the Fit as a Princess Expo, I had the opportunity to Sarah and Dimity from “Another Mother Runner” and recorded an interview for the show. They gave me a super stylish (and comfy) 13.1 sweatshirt, but I may have to add this t-shirt to my collection:

Another Mother Runner T-shirt

While the weather on Saturday was pretty awful – grey and cloudy with torrential downpours at times – it was still warmer than home, which means I could wear shorts. And sandals. Oh how I have missed my sandals.

Which brings me to the run – having gone to bed early, getting up at 3:00 am to prepare for the race wasn’t too terrible. Warm enough for shorts, it was very foggy and damp, confirming the last minute wardrobe change I had made at the expo, swapping out my long skirt for a shorter purple one from Team Sparkle. (Who, after the race, shared this blinged-out photo from the course).

Team Sparkle

In addition to my crown - which stayed securely on my head during the run, and stood up to the moisture – I wore a shirt I made, inspired by posts from “This Mama Makes Stuff” and “Snap. Eat. Run.” On my shoulder was Pascal, a crocheted chameleon I found on Etsy.

In front of the castle

For my new sneakers, which I received from Brooks Running at the last Escape, I added a bit of bling with BeeCause Charms.

Bee Charms

The race went well – better than I deserved for it to go given my less than stellar training routine. A good fitness base, a fairly flat course and a good dose of adrenaline were enough to get me through the race – although clearly I was very happy for it to end:

Crossing the finish line

After the race, and a few hours next to the pool, my friends and I cleaned up, put on our crowns and medals, and headed for dinner.

Princess Dinner

Of course Pasqal had to come with us also.


I’m not sure if we will be running the Princess Half again next year – let’s face it, there are lots of fun events if you are willing to fun. Including the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon this November – might be time to turn in my crown for an X-Men costume.

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4 Responses to Notes from the Princess Half

  1. Christy says:

    The merging if my 2 fav podcasts. Looking forward to being in Boston in May to participate in the Ragnar Relay. 12 moms running over Mother’s Day weekend.

  2. Audra O. says:

    Love the costume! It looks like you had a blast! :)

  3. Michele says:

    Congratulations on the run Kristin, love the costume also!

  4. Shawn says:

    Loved the show! I found AMR through you, mentioning them on MM, and to have the three of you together was great! This was my first Princess, my first 13.1, and it was a blast! I see why you went two years in a row!