While Erin did find a guest host for the show this week, the audio is not great – Recorded over Skype, the conversation is very one-sided: Erin’s voice loud, Mari’s voice an echo-y whisper. We won’t release it in the feed, but if listeners are so inclined, we are sharing the link here if you’d like to download:

Trading One Running Mother for Another

While Kristin is away at the Disney Princess Half Marathon, Erin catches up with substitute co-host Mari for a conversation about why some women are so passionate about running, the audiobooks we’ve enjoyed recently, and our views on allowance. This show was recorded over Skype so there are some irregularities in the audio

Links mentioned: Stories I Only Tell My Friends http://www.amazon.com/Stories-Only-Tell-Friends-Autobiography/dp/B007SRVZ52 | Brain on Fire http://www.amazon.com/Brain-Fire-My-Month-Madness/dp/1451621388 | A Million Little Pieces http://www.amazon.com/Million-Little-Pieces-James-Frey/dp/0307276902 | Disney Princess Half Marathon http://www.rundisney.com/princess-half-marathon/

Download mp3


7 Responses to The podcast that wasn’t

  1. KellyB says:

    So I’ve tried listening to this podcast, actually made it to 18 minutes and then it just went away. I could hear Mari perfectly fine. Is there away to actually download the podcast so you can listen to it within Itunes or something, the link above just opens a window in the browser, but doesn’t allow you to download it, and you can move forward, so now if I want to listen past 18 minutes, I’d have to listen to it all over again.

  2. KellyB says:

    I meant to write you CAN’T move forward.

  3. KellyB says:

    Ok me again, It’s a browser thing, switched to IE and now able to listen.

  4. Nichole says:

    I loved hearing Mari on the show and I thought the audio was fine, I was able to hear her easily with no issues at all. Maybe I have low standards. :)

  5. Jamie says:

    i’d like to download it, being attached to a computer just won’t happen :)

  6. Joanne says:

    I downloaded it to my computer and then imported it into itunes and then downloaded it to my ipod. Took a little longer than usual, but since I usually listen to it while I’m doing stuff around the house, that was the only way.

    I didn’t think the sound quality was too bad. Mari was a little echoey, but it was OK.

  7. Vera says:

    I listened to the whole podcast and it was great! No problem with the audio. I think you could release it to your normal feed.