BasketballAs a business owner, working on weekends is not an option, it’s a necessity. It’s a time to catch up, deal with the admin tasks, organize and think. I don’t know about you, but I find some days I’m doing more than I’m thinking – there is a lot to be done, and never enough time to do it all.

But work already takes a lot of time away from my family – so while it’s important for them to realize that mommy “needs” to carve out some time during the weekend to work to maintain my sanity, I’ve also realized that it’s important for me to carve out time for them.

Which brings me to Saturdays.

Saturdays are busy. This weekend, for example, my son is hosting a Dungeons and Dragons event at the house, followed by a basketball game in the late afternoon. Our daughter has basketball practice in the morning, and a birthday party in the evening – and somewhere in the middle of all that we are going to attempt to make a Tangled crown for my upcoming Disney Princess Half Marathon, as well as a Russian dress for her American Girl doll. We might even make a pillow on her new sewing machine.

What we will not be doing is working – because Saturdays are special. Saturday is the day of the week when I, as much as is possible, do not work. I don’t check my work email. I ignore the bag of papers I brought home with me. I also don’t make the kids do homework, or worry about checking their binders.

On Sundays – after the pancakes, and reading the newspaper, I work. Sometimes in my home office. Sometimes at the kitchen counter. Sometimes snuggled up next to one of my kids on the couch, with my laptop perched precariously.

When I was a kid, my father often went into the office on the weekends to work – both because we don’t have the technology we have today (although he did set up a system in 1986 that allowed him to log into his computer in Massachusetts from our ski house in Vermont – think about that one for a second), and because of the quiet. The time to do and to think.

But I don’t want to go into the office – because I still want to be at the house, available to play, as was the case last Sunday when, after working for a little bit, I was able to take the kids outside and run a few basketball drills in our driveway.

Last night, as Steve and I talked about his future work/business plans, he said “the kids will be gone soon,” sending our 11 year old into a tailspin. His panic mirrors my own – how quickly the years are passing. How big the kids are getting. How many things I miss because of the role I play as business owner and primary breadwinner.

And while I’m not going to give up those roles, it was a reminder why Saturdays have become sacred.


2 Responses to Saturdays are sacred

  1. Tracey says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I remember my father working every Sunday, first in the office and later at home, but Saturday’s were his ‘at home’ day. He attended our games, made homemade enchiladas and watched hours of football. I try to do the same but find it impossible to ban homework now that my daughter is in high school. So Friday nights have become our sacred family time. No homework, yummy food, trashy TV or project around the house. I think it helps us all to reset for both the weekend and the coming week.

  2. Amanda says:

    Kristin, thank you for this post. I appreciate all the stories you and Erin share, as your kids are a few years older than mine, and it helps me consider a longer-term view as to what my daughter may be able to do / participate in as she grows, and sometimes Saturday availability is necessary for those things, as well as just for having extra family time.
    In my field, working Saturdays is the norm – only within the past year have I been fortunate enough to have weekends off. I am mindful that I may soon have to choose whether to work an early shift that includes Saturdays (so that I am not getting home at my little one’s bedtime) or to continue working a later shift (and being home on Saturdays), and it is a decision that I wrestle with.
    Keep up the great work you do, and know that you are appreciated!