The Christmas cards are starting to come in, and I love them all. I love opening the envelopes with the kids and telling them about each family (remembering that while I have access to these people on Facebook, my children do not), and hanging each with the rest, creating a beautiful collage to decorate our front foyer.

And I hope each will forgive me for not sending a card in return.

I started with the every best intentions. But then, I got stuck. Overwhelmed by the idea of getting a picture taken, the card designed and printed, as well as updating my list (which I never did after last year’s returned mail came in) before the holidays, I decided to take the year off.

This weekend I did eventually get a card designed through Shutterfly…


… and ordered one – so I could have a card for our ongoing display.



2 Responses to Maybe next year…

  1. Vera Wills says:

    I love the ongoing display!!!! I need to do that!!

  2. Gretta says:

    Me too! I posted it on facebook, figuring there were only about 10 people on the card list who wouldn’t see it there. Ordered 20 copies for the great aunts and such… Enjoy the break, you deserve it!