Erin & the boysA North Dakota mom’s plan to distribute notes, not candy, to children she thinks are overweight kicks off a conversation about what motivates people who appear to be trying to become “Facebook famous.” We also look forward to next week’s Manic Mommies Escape!

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3 Responses to Podcast: Facebook Famous

  1. kristina says:

    this would be the perfect platform to finally have a conversation about the importance of preventing eating disorders in girls (and guys, too) at a young age. everyone seems to focus on obesity, but the real killer is anorexia, bulimia, etc. a fellow sufferer of mine (i am on support communities on facebook) told us about a few 6-year-olds in treatment facilities they were in. as someone who has suffered for 20+ years now with anorexia, and someone who had a generally happy childhood, my mom could tell you she never saw this coming. just an idea for a future show perhaps. i know you guys are so busy with your BUSY lives (work and school) and you haven’t done many interviews lately, but if you ever decide to, there’s a resource right in kristin’s backyard: NEDA in newton, ma.

  2. Carissa says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for your podcast. I have listened like, forever, and I like, love you gals!!! ;) I could feel the love between you at the end. :) Thought I would share this positive feedback. :) Keep up the great work, gals!

  3. karen says:

    I was thinking about the mom with 3 boys who wrote what is your excuse. Didn’t you say she was a personal trainer? So basically her job is to look like that. I feel no guilt. Could I be in better shape? Sure I could but I am not going to invest the amount of time it would take to look like her.