When did we become so embarrassing? Or, is it that our sons have just lost their senses of humor? Erin and Kristin share some stories they are sure to find embarrassing, as well as discuss the “FYI to teenager girls” written by a concerned mom.

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5 Responses to Podcast: Mom, You’re Embarrassing Me!

  1. Melanie S says:

    Thank you for talking about that letter! I had so many issues with it because she has basically taken any responsibility out of her son’s hands on how they look at women. She is sending the message that it’s the girls fault that her son’s may lust after them. There are a couple really insightful responses out there that I hope that made Mrs. Hall think (Rage Against the Minivan, Put Down the Urinal Cake, and my favorite is at Natepyle.com). As a mom of three boys, I want them to know that there will be girls that dress in ways that are way more grown up or innapropriate, but that is their choice. It is my boys choice on how they react! I am not naive enough to think that my boys will never objectify a girl who dresses a certain way or post certain pictures, just as I don’t think that a girl wouldn’t do the same to my boys (hello, Fireman’s calendar). But I hope that I do my job as a parent to also teach them to remember that there is a person beneith the makeup and poses.

  2. Denise says:

    OHMYGOSH! Totally laughed out loud at the forehead hickey story. My kids came in the bathroom to see what was going on. Thank you for sharing that story!! I love the podcast!!

  3. Paula says:

    OMG! I’m listening to this podcast right now and laughing out loud (at the library!) over the forehead hickey thing. Reminded me of a similar story from our family. Way back when when my brother and I were still in high school, our family was all together for Christmas. My toddler nephew was playing with a toy that suctioned to the table. My brother thought it would be funny to put it on his forehead, even though we all warned him it wasn’t a good idea. Of course, when he pulled it off there was a giant round hickey on his forehead. And it was still there when we went to midnight mass and he was up in front of the church doing one of the readings. The rest of us were sitting in our pew trying not to laugh out loud.

  4. Lisa says:

    Loved the show as usual, and found the social media discussion really interesting. What struck me as interesting were the people who are concerned that whatever they or their children post to social media might be accessed by admissions counselors down the road. Yes, that’s possible, but how many universities have so many admissions counselors who work so many hours that they’d have the time to read everything posted in the last 17 years about an applying student? That’s small potatoes compared to some of what’s posted. We had an incident at a nearby high school where two kids were charged as sex offenders because they’d taken pictures of another high school couple (or couples?) having sex in their car. (I’m not clear on the details, but it sounded like there were two or three couples and they were doing this while people were present, all in the vehicle? Must have been something larger than a sedan, clearly…). But then they sent the pictures and video to other friends and that is, of course, very illegal and may well follow them for many, many years as they have to put themselves on the sex-offender registry and more. That kind of thing ranks as a much greater concern than the idea that admissions counselors might read about something my 3-year-old did and hold it against their application!