Photo courtesy Christine Koh

Photo courtesy Christine Koh

When did parenting start feeling so overwhelming? Christine Koh and Asha Dornfest, authors of Minimalist Parenting have advice and ideas for how can we take control and “enjoy modern family life more by doing less.”

Christine pulls double duty (no problem for this multi-tasking mama) filling in as co-host while Erin is on vacation, and sharing how she came to embrace being a “minimalist” mommy.

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6 Responses to Podcast: Minimalist Parenting

  1. Kristin says:

    Can’t wait to listen, as I am knee deep in the book!~

  2. Was such an honor to fill in, and SO. MUCH. FUN! Thanks for having me on the show!

  3. Kristin says:

    Thank you for filling in!! Was so great to see you, and Sophie had a wonderful time with your daughter.

  4. listened today – really enjoyed! i’m often pleasantly surprised by which content appeals to me when i don’t feel like my step-parenting situation matches that of the core MM group – and yet i find something like this that i can see has life applications i can use in my life with my hubs and the dear teen step son with aspergers. you two were alot of fun this week!

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  6. Michelle says:

    cracking up listening while planning my daughter’s party and then just had to stop and step back. Timing. What timing ladies. Love the podcast with the guest cohost Christine talking about minimalist parenting. Going to download the book now.