As my athletic endeavors have increased so has my collection of fitness specific clothing. And we finally reached the point where the clothing has far exceeded the capacity of the bureau that had been designated for these items. So we started storing the overflow in a plastic container, which had to be covered with a sheet to prevent our cat from using my t-shirts as a kitty bed.

According to Heather from Brooks, my wardrobe storage issues are one of constant debate amongst her running friends and colleagues.

This weekend I was determined the clean up my act, and figure out a new solution. In part because I also need to start putting away the winter clothing and I needed the container. And taking a cue from Asha and Christina of Minimalist Parenting, I was also determined to stay focused on this one task and not get distracted by all the other things that need to be organized.


Exercise Clothing 1

The drawers and the container. As you can see, we can’t even get the drawers closed.

Exercise Clothing 2 

The pile of clothing, ready to be sorted and folded.

Exercise Clothing 7

The sport “junk drawer.”


The under bed boxes from The Container Store which will be helping.

Exercise Clothing 2

Discovered in the pile – Performance cycling pants made in the USA? We believe these may be circa late 1980’s, and now will be handed down to our son. (Now do you understand why I say my husband is a packrat?)


Exercise Clothing 3

The most used items were folded and returned to the drawers.

Exercise Clothing 5

Bicycle jerseys and shorts (which are impossible to fold) go under the bed, along with some of the less frequently used items (like my triathlon suit).

Exercise Clothing 6

The junk drawer is organized – and I’m astounded that I even own some of these items!



6 Responses to Weekend Project

  1. Jen D says:

    Please tell me you have another set of tire levers with your bike in case of a flat… Or is that what Steve is for?? :)

  2. Jen Fisker-Andersen says:

    Well the great thing about having all the fitness things to sort through is it is a result of great life habits and your hard work to so there is a lot of accomplishment in that pile! I went the bin route as well a few years ago to separate out everything from tops, bottoms, energy gels, hats, fuel belts, etc. For ahwile I dearly held onto every event shirt, but I’m getting pickier now, if you don’t like it, you won’t wear it, so don’t keep it. By the way, I’ve been listening to you and Erin since 2007 and mostly listen while I am running so I love to hear both of your running and fitness endeavors. I run half and full marathons.

  3. Kristin says:

    It’s the bike stuff that’s the real problem for us – those shorts and pants refuse to be rangled, and my husband has a connection to every jersey he owns.

    The pink levers are from my husband (for Christmas) – but they will end up on the bike. Eventually. Once Steve actually teaches me how to change a flat!!

  4. Kristin says:

    OMG love that a shirt I sent you is in the after pic :-)

  5. Kristin says:

    If you look carefully you will see both “our” shirts are on top!