Sophie-CheerleadingLeading up to St. Patrick’s Day, Erin and Kristin consider their leprechaun names, talk about the ramifications of an unobservant husband, cheerleading, and consider the publicity machine behind Sheryl Sandberg’s new book and why it’s almost always a good idea to say no. (See our future series of pamphlets for more details).

Apologies for the sound quality – Kristin had some recording issues which we will be trouble shooting.

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One Response to Podcast: Leprechaun Mommies

  1. Eileen says:

    Publicity machine aside, I hope you do eventually read Sandberg’s book. It’s not about the Mommy Wars, or trying to just like Sandberg – it’s about more women sitting at the table, going for the big opportunities and not holding back simply because they are women or because they have kids. There are many excellent insights in the book that can benefit working moms at any career level. I love that she aims for a world where we are recognized for our accomplishments, not for the fact that we are “working moms.” After all, we don’t pat the men on the heads for being “working dads.”