As I type this, four over-tired boys are snuggled in the basement watching Looney Tunes on television. My husband is on his “Tired Dad’s Weekend” (which really is more like 24 hours since he left yesterday morning and expects to be back here by noon). And I’m about to start making waffles on the waffle iron for breakfast. A couple inches of fresh snow fell overnight  and today’s agenda includes: grocery shopping, haircuts for the boys, making scenery for OTM, baseball practice and finally, dinner with Mike’s mom.

What’s not on the agenda today? Podcasting. We’re taking the week off.

That’s because my co-host and her family have taken off for warmer parts. To tell the truth, I’m not even sure where Kristin went. I know she mentioned the Disney Princess Marathon, so Orlando is in her plans this week. I’m sure we’ll see a post here soon about her athletic prowess and completing her first half-marathon in the top three for her age group (naturally).

I saw on Facebook she also checked in at some Royal Caribbean Port. So, I guess she’s taking a cruise?

I mentioned trying to find a substitute co-host this week, but even that got too complicated. One more thing to arrange and so I finally said, forget it. My week will be business as usual, but my husband is taking this one with the boys. No tropical vacations for us, as much as I am in dire need of one. They will be skiing, going to baseball camps, and vacationing in Rochester. Exciting stuff.

So instead of being jealous of all the friends traveling to warmer climates, I’ll just starting counting down to the next school vacation which, because of Easter and state testing, will be here in just 5 weeks.





3 Responses to A tale of two February vacations

  1. Shawn says:

    Enjoy your week off! I had gotten so accustomed to every-other-week podcasts that I found myself behind and trying to catch up on episodes, so this gives me a chance to do that :)

    Thanks for all you and Kristin do!

  2. kiran says:

    Oh. I’ll miss you guys this week. It makes my 1 hour commute seems shorter. But hope you guys have a great vacation.

  3. Theresa says:

    Ah, mystery solved. I’ve been wondering why there was no new show and was reminded of just how much I love and look forward to listening to Manic Mommies. You two definitely deserve a break. I’m just glad it’s not a permanent hiatus! Looking forward to next week. Thanks for a great show. You guys rock!