Hello dear friends! I am happy to report that we have weathered Blizzard Nemo with minimal damage – both physical and psychological.

As we discuss on this week’s show, the final tally in our front yard was about 22 inches, and happily we never lost power. Whoop!

Nemo 2013 - Front Door

The front door is completely buried and the trees looking a little worse for wear – but that works with my master plan which is to remove all the plantings and build a farmers porch on the front of our house.

Blizzard Nemo - Sophie on Deck

After daddy, who had to go outside to snow blow, Sophie was the first to venture outside. We were a little afraid the back deck was going to fall off due to the weight of the snow.

Blizzard Nemo - Daddy Rescue

Then she got stuck. Or, more specifically, her snow boot got stuck. So daddy went to the rescue.


Blizzard Nemo - Daddy Rescue

And then he twisted his knee and I had to put down the camera to go get snow pants so I could rescue the rescuer. Yes, I took a few snapshots first.

Blizzard Nemo - Amazed

When Anders finally made it out, he was pretty impressed.

Blizzard Nemo - Leaping

Finally free from our house, there was much running….

Blizzard Nemo - Jumping


Blizzard Nemo - Snow Angels

Snow angels…

Blizzard Nemo - Fence

And general winter happiness.

Blizzard Nemo - Garden

Even our garden had a bright blossom. Okay, so it’s made of glass and I should have brought it inside this fall, but it still made me smile.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!


3 Responses to Snapshots after the storm

  1. Erin says:

    Love it! What fun after the storm.

  2. Regina says:

    Love the pics, but still don’t miss it, even with the joy of kids!

  3. Kim says:

    Love it ! Here in Saratoga we only ended up with about 7 inches.