Wine for DinnerWhen did they start naming winter storms anyway? Kristin’s husband makes a rare appearance to explain the naming of this week’s blizzard as their family digs out from two feet of snow and recovers from a bad case of cabin fever.

Meanwhile, it’s winter as usual in Erin’s neck of the woods as she questions her decision to return to the classroom.

Links mentioned: Visit | Blizzard of 1978 |  |Why The Weather Channel is Naming Winter Storms | Winter outdoor ideas from National Wildlife Federation | Snowstorms Snapshots

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2 Responses to Podcast: The Day After Nemo

  1. Nicole says:

    Love the snow pictures! I live in Iowa and we got to experience winter storm Draco in December which I remember everyone thinking it was pretty hilarious that it was named after a character in Harry Potter. I know they are using Greek Gods, not movie characters to name the storms, but it’s still pretty entertaining.

  2. Melissa says:

    I listened to this today as I was driving to Pat’s Peak to go skiing with my son – and I have to say that I love that you guys have skiing families too and that you talk about it.

    Erin – I went to law school at the Cuse and hearing you talk about sitting in class makes me miss it!