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Before the clock had struck 10 am I had already asked my dear husband if he was planning on removing the gigantic stick that seemed to be lodged in his derriere.

Yes. It’s going to be a very long day.

Since my comment, things have settled down a bit. While we did not run out to stock up on milk, bread or gasoline like many of our neighbors – I often wonder how much bread one family can eat in a 24 hour period, it must be quite a bit given the regular shelf cleaning that happens at times like these – we did bring in the cars, find the flashlights, and plug in all the electronic devices.

After making waffles, I sent our son on a mission to see if one of his gal pals would be available for a play date, armed with only a map of the neighborhood and a walkie talkie. My plan was to make him walk both ways, but when his communications devolved into random static of beeps and whistles, I got a little paranoid and went to find him. He actually made it without a problem, but I’m sure his friend’s mom was happy to have me drive her back.

Now our borrowed friend is keeping my kids occupied – I may never return her – Steve has made himself scarce (maybe he’s finding a strong pry bar) and I’m cleaning. Because that is how I get ready for a storm – both because if I have to actually work in my home office it helps if I can find my desk. And a pen.

And also because nothing will make me crabbier if the lights go out then stepping in something sticky. Or wet. Or sticky and wet.

I know the quiet is not going to last. Soon I will have to return our guest, and then the kids will want things like food, and attention. So wish me luck my friends. And if you don’t hear from me again, please send help.

Or bottles of pinto grigio.


7 Responses to Hunkering down

  1. Julie says:

    One thing I learned in college, is that even if the power goes out, you can always keep your “adult beverages” cold by sticking them out the window. Enjoy that pinot grigio!

  2. Kristin says:

    Sending a virtual toast….

  3. Tela says:

    I saw the map small on my screen and thought at once it was temperatures, then I saw it was INCHES! You guys have fun and stay warm… Oh, and wine always helps!

  4. Jen D. says:

    Is it wrong that I’m reading this poolside in AZ?

  5. Jen D. says:

    But then, neighbor “Creepy John” arrived and I fled… *sigh* Hoping Steve is better company, and that your supply of wine lasts longer than the storm. Cheers!

  6. Melissa says:

    We too are hunkering down – I’m fully anticipating a good 2-3 feet from this storm, which means fantastic snowshoeing on Sunday.

  7. susan says:

    I remember the blizzard of ‘ 78 and I do not remember my family running out for milk and bread. Today with all these super SUVs, even in the hurricane 2 years ago, I was out of the house by 3pm. I don’t really think I would run out of bread in 24 hours either. And if I did, there would still be cereal to eat ;-)