Sad CaseyThis week we’re chatting about annual Daddy/Daughter Dances, depressed dogs and the hottest trend in haircuts: bangs.

Links mentioned: Visit | Dos and Don’ts of Bangs Over 40 | Michelle Obama’s Hair: The Inside Story from The Daily  Beast |

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8 Responses to Podcast: Dances with dad and dogs with SAD

  1. Nicole says:

    I’d love that chicken and biscuits crock pot recipe Erin mentioned. I’m always looking for new and yummy things to make in my crock pot.

  2. Claudia says:

    Ladies thank you for my monday morning podcast!!! Erin post your Chicken and biscuits recipe. I am recent single mom of 2 wonderful boys and anything that would make my life esier and tast great I would welcome! Thank you!

  3. Eleanor says:

    I just want to tell you how grateful I am that you all are back to doing the podcast weekly. I really missed hearing you during the off weeks! It seems like old times…..thank you both!!!

  4. Oz listener says:

    Oh man, I hear you sister about the food comments!!
    I have one daughter (10) who eats absolutely anything (she has eaten whole whiting fish, eyes and all) and one daughter (8) who eats absolutely NOTHING. As I was listening to your podcast she called out asking what was for dinner and the response was “I hate that and I won’t eat it”. There is lots of words like gross and disgusting thrown around.
    I am also sick to death of it and can see why some people just give up.
    I just deal with it by having common meals when she should be OK with it (i.e. nothing spicy, unusual) and when I cook more interesting meals for the others, she gets things like cheesy pasta or scrambled eggs or something.
    Probably wrong but it gets me through the day.

  5. Kerily says:

    Ok, so let’s talk dogs and anal glands. So gross. I had no idea that full anal glands could be linked to doggy depression. However, you should count yourself lucky that it is only your first (and hopefully your last) encounter with this GROSS aspect of dog ownership. Our dog has had to get his anal glands expressed every 2-6 weeks since he was one (he is 8 now). If I don’t get them expressed, he licks his butt and the smelly disgusting stuff goes on my carpet. Ewwww! Anal glands are nothing to do with poop (just co-located). They are actually scent glands that wild dogs used to mark their territory. Normal dogs squeeze out the stuff themselves when they poop (those particularly stinky poops). My dog is not normal :(

    I tried to learn how to do it myself (the vet showed me) but it is just too gross so I pay the groomer at the doggy wash place to do it. $14/month that could be better saved for new shoes for mommy!

    Changing to a lower protein diet is the only thing that has helped a little (have to do it less).

  6. Jennifer says:

    OMG. If I have to listen to one more long-winded explanation about what so and so did about wart like bumps, I will be forced to disconnect. Enough all ready. Who the F cares?!?

  7. Erin says:

    We hear you ladies! No more messages about bumpy children. We are working with a new editor and he (a dad) thought listeners would like to hear these helpful suggestions. And truth be told, Erin took many of the manic mommies’ suggestions straight to the dermatologist. Judging by the sheer number of messages we received there are lots of moms who were thankful for the advice. In the future we’ll keep continued conversations like these online where those who care to can participate. And others can take a pass.

  8. I sent my daughter to bed hungry for the first time last night. She complained about my meal and didn’t really eat. Then at bed time she was “starving” and I didn’t cave!! Success. Eat my meal or go hungry.