As we recently announced, Kristin and I have made the decision to continue with Manic Mommies for another year! We’re committed to weekly podcasts (whenever humanly possible) and hosting one more Escape. Yes, we are doing one more Escape so start saving your pennies now ladies!

We’d like to bring back the interviews and tackle some subjects of interest to moms of tweens as we will soon have 11-year-old boys in both of our houses.

What are we? Crazy?

Maybe. Probably. Most certainly.

But we could use your help. We’ve tried many things over the years: subscription models and local events; we’ve published content all over the Internet; hosted virtual book clubs and republished recipes. We’ve interviewed the mom next door and celebrity moms.

We’ve thought about quitting many times, but then we hear your voice mails, or read your emails, and realize how important a virtual support network like this one truly is.

And yet none of this would still be possible without the support of sponsors (and our families, of course). Sponsors keep the lights on and subsidize the Escape ticket price. They also help pay the Manic Mommies corporate bills and taxes–just imagine what an insurance policy from Lloyd’s of London costs! So please, help us by taking our listener survey. It’s only 30 or so questions, and will really provide some insight and data to shape our programming and the Escape next year. Consider it your holiday gift to us.

Here’s the link.

Feel free to share it with other Manic Mommies listeners you know. Thanks!




8 Responses to Please take our survey

  1. Melissa says:

    I’d love to see more sponsors along the lines of (great point Erin made recently about being able to listen to books over the weekend inside my home and not missing out just because I’m not commuting on Sat/Sun!) and daily services and products we moms use or could find helpful.

    Some examples:
    – online recipe services (Plan to Eat)
    – food delivery services (Safeway, Albertson’s, etc.)
    – nanny and sitter services ( and
    – life simplifying services, classes and coaching (
    – life balancing resources (Renee Trudeau and her Live Inside Out approach)
    – marriage and relationship renewal ideas

    My favorite podcasts are the ones that have your honest vents and humor about every day life and friendship combined with manic mom resources.

  2. Michelle says:

    Happy to take the survey if it means you will keep up the podcasting. I just discovered you this year, have gotten 3 friends hooked to and we are ready for next year’s escape! Keep up the great work. And Merry Christmas!

  3. wendy says:

    Boo. Apparently, I’m a dork. I must’ve screwed up the very first question because it booted me out and now says I’ve already taken the survey. Sigh…can you reset me?

  4. Erin says:

    @Wendy,the first question tries to screen out anyone who may have already taken this survey. You can try to take it again and just answer that you have NOT already taken an MM survey recently ;)

  5. jamie says:

    so… escape… thinking of the place, yet? can I suggest something west coast since everything has been on that side of the country for a while? just wondering if you’ve considered that. i’m really looking to go for sure this year!