We’ve heard this word several times since Friday and yet it still doesn’t feel like enough. While we go on with our daily lives, parents in Newtown are wondering how they will go on with theirs. This is a heavy-hearted show, one that expresses how we as moms truly feel.

Introductory audio played: President Obama’s Weekly Address: Nation Grieves for Those Killed in Tragic Shooting in Newtown, CT

Music played: Man of Constant Sorrow, Eddie Biggins, from MusicAlley.com.

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Links mentioned: New York Times | Motherlode: What Not to Say to Your Children | Do We Have the Courage to Stop This? | Tips for Talking to Children About the Shooting | Mom 101: I don’t want them to see me cry | Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence | Gun Handle Mug – Urban Outfitters | Audible Suggestion: Gone Girl

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6 Responses to Podcast: Heartbroken

  1. Rae says:

    Thank you for talking so honestly about this issue. This has broken my heart and it’s good to hear it’s not just me.

  2. Carolyn Goldstein says:

    Thank you for talking openly about this tragedy, you handled it really well. I appreciate your honesty.

  3. thiana says:

    I think honest conversation is what makes your podcast so different from so many others – thank you for your latest one on the Newtown shootings. Its on everyone’s mind and I applaud you for taking the risk and sharing your thoughts and feelings with your audience. I listen to you because you are entertaining but perhaps even more importantly because you are honest, intelligent and open minded. When events like this horrible rampage occur how can we as mothers and as citizens remain silent? We can’t, it is our responsibility to our communities to face these problems and discuss them. Keep up the great work!

  4. Amy J. says:

    Hi Ladies,
    Just two quick remarks.
    First, on the serious note – I found it interesting that your schools don’t practice what to do in case of a psycho on the campus. Here in SoCal my daughter’s elementary school has “lock-down drills” where the kids practice staying quietly in their room with the door locked – it’s on the rotation with fire drills and earthquake drills. They actually used it last year when there was a potential danger across the street from the school – kids stayed in their locked classrooms, then went out through connecting doors between classrooms to the end of the building and were delivered to us in the park on the other side of the school.

    And now the lighter note – when you said maybe people weren’t actually making cookies while listening to your podcast I almost laughed out loud because I’d literally just finished prepping cookie dough while listening to this very episode :D. You actually spend many hours in the kitchen with me, though I don’t listen when vacuuming cause I don’t have headphone :P.

  5. Kristin says:

    Thanks to everyone for their comments and support – we were very nervous releasing this show!

    I believe we have both found out that the schools do conduct drills for situations like this – it’s just that we never asked, and the kids never told us!

  6. Oz listener says:

    I just listened to this show so sorry for the delayed response!
    I live in Australia and I have to say from the outside, the American position on guns is well, just plain mad.
    We shake our heads and can’t believe the situation in your country.
    Restrictions, controls and licensing are a way of life here and we wouldn’t have it any other way. It helps keep us safe and the statistics bear this out all over the world. How can you say guns are for your protection and then look at your death toll from guns compared to those countries who restrict guns?

    Everyone who NEEDS a gun e.g. farmers, target shooters etc can get one in our country. But they must be bought legally and stored correctly.
    Why does anyone who lives in a “normal” urban area NEED a gun! It is absurd and any argument the American gun lobby brings out is purely political.
    I hope more children do not have to die before the people say that this is unacceptable.
    It is just a change in mindset. There is no more a restriction on “liberty” in registering a gun than in registering a car.

    More people need to talk as you do for the tide of opinion to change.
    The Amercian people go to war over terrorism but every year shoot more of their fellow citizens than any terrorist.