On a recent podcast, Kristin mentioned she’d created an Excel spreadsheet for tracking gift purchases. And in typical Manic Mommies style, the link she provided to the document is somehow not working. A few people have commented that they were looking for it, so rather than harass Kristin about it, I decided to see what else was out there for this purpose.

I’m about to admit something here that seems very atypical of my type-A, OCD personality: I am very, very bad about tracking holiday purchases. Right now I can’t tell you what I have already purchased nor what I still have to get. I figure since I have an entire weekend plus a day to shop right before Christmas, so I am a bit better off than I have been in prior other years.

I actually like that Christmas falls on a Tuesday this year. I really do. I also love that when you work at my university, you get the entire week and a half off. That is THE BEST Christmas gift of all. Time off to enjoy my family. Time to travel back to Massachusetts. Time to clean and organize my house!

Where was I? Oh yes, tracking budgets and gift purchases. To find a good tool I went immediately to one of my favorite sites: Lifehacker. And there I found the document template that tracks items purchased, received and wrapped. So those of you who actually know what you’ve bought, have at it.

And let me know if it helps you stay on time and on budget.


One Response to Gift Tracker

  1. Astraea says:

    That’s funny – For years I have been using an Excel (and now Google Spreadsheet) to track my Christmas list, budget, actual spending, and completed steps (buy, receive, wrap, ship if needed). I consider myself a moderately organized person and my husband, who is ridiculously organized and somewhat anal (love you, honey!) thinks it’s ME who’s anal with my over-the-top spreadsheet. He didn’t complain about us using one for our wedding, though…. just sayin’.