Poor Sophie. Whenever we visit Erin and her family, she is forced to either participate in whatever madness the boys have cooked up, or find something else to keep her occupied.

It’s always funny to watch her observe the boys (this time run around the backyard, in the dark, armed with helmets and flashlights) wearing an expression that can only be interpreted to say “they are a bunch of idiots.”

This time she had a new companion – Casey, Erin’s not so little puppy. And we learned what “puppy love” really means.

Little does Erin know how close she was to “losing” her dog into the depths of our Equinox. You really shouldn’t joke with a 7 year old girl about taking the dog home with her.

Now that she’s got the puppy bug, I’m fully prepared to resist the begging and pleading that is sure to come. My first line of defense will be that our dear old crabby cat Claudia will try to gouge a puppy’s eyes out. And my second defense?

I’ll just tell her to go ask her dad.


3 Responses to Snapshot: Casey

  1. kristina l. says:

    cats are no fun. get a dog! just think of the conversations! ;)

  2. Michelle says:

    Hold strong! Resist!

  3. Erin says:

    @Michelle, as I discuss on this week’s show, not only do dogs require a lot of attention, and leave hair all over the house, they often eat things they shouldn’t. I just finished paying a hefty (hefty!) bill for Casey’s Xrays, emergency stomach surgery and overnight care. It literally wiped out the Christmas account and then some. I don’t think most dog owners are prepared with an emergency fund for problems like this, but the lesson I learned is you always have to be ready for it.