Casey on her LL Bean dog bed

Yesterday I spent the better part of two hours vacuuming the first floor of my house. After Savannah, there was dog hair everywhere. I dove right back into work and life and decided the dog hair would have to wait for the weekend. This was a bit uncharacteristic of me, given my OCD tendencies, but I decided to try a trick a listener once told me: keep the lights low and you won’t see the hair and dust.

This, it turns out, was quite easy to do. Because in addition to needing new vacuum filters, I also needed to replace about four light bulbs in my kitchen and family room. That listener, she was on to something!

So yesterday was errand day: Home Depot, Wal Mart, dog groomer, etc. And two hours of cleaning up dog hair. I decided I’d had enough of the enormous dog crate in the office/living room/whatever room so I put that away and arranged a series of baby gates (which I realize I borrowed from my neighbor Jen when Casey was a puppy…I wonder if she wants those back?) to keep Casey off the furniture.

Weeks ago I bought her an LL Bean dog bed. Someone told me they last forever and even when they don’t, LL Bean will replace it. Not sure if that replacement line is true, but like the low light strategy, I decided to believe. So sometimes Casey sleeps on the dog bed. And sometimes she prefers the couch. Or my ottoman. Or my overstuffed chair.

I’ll admit, for a long time I threw a sheet on the couch in my office/living room/whatever room and I let her sleep there during the day. At night she was crated. But then I started leaving her out of the crate at night and what she does down here while we all sleep is a mystery. All I know is she no longer barks at 4am. I consider that a win.

But like taking a pacifier away from a baby, taking the couch away from Casey has been difficult. She does not want to give it up. Why should she? Look how comfy she is!

I know it’s my fault (of course) for letting her on the couch to begin with, so it’s my “problem” to solve. People at work say, “you have a dog, the hair just goes along with her! Love the dog, love her shedding.”  The breeder says, “couches are for people, not dogs.”

Philosophically, I don’t care that she gets on the furniture. It’s the hair she leaves behind there that I’m tired of cleaning up. So once again I am turning to our listeners to ask: Is there a trick you have used to keep your dog off the couch?




11 Responses to How do I get her off the couch?

  1. Jacky says:

    We put tinfoil on the furniture (like squares of it or long strips), dogs tend to hate the noise/feel of it and avoid it. Always worked for our dog. Good luck!

  2. Erin says:

    @Jacky I like it! Quick and cheap. Will try it.

  3. Shelly says:

    We bought some of the cheap plastic rug runners from Home Depot – the clear kind that has prickly bumps on the bottom. Then we put the runner bumps up across the chair that we had an issue with for awhile and the dogs would not go up there anymore.

  4. Bethany says:

    Double stick tape seems to work for cats – I don’t see why it wouldn’t for dogs! Good luck -

  5. Kate says:

    We use this. Works great. Easy to take off when you have guests.

  6. Robin says:

    We have a blanket that our dog can sleep on, so when it’s on the couch he can be up there, when it’s not, he’s not suppose to. He’s learned to look for it.

  7. penni says:

    I have tried the tinfoil and it works great.

  8. chrissie says:

    I’ve had this problem too (with the cat and the dog.) Tin foil didn’t work for me – cat played with it. I plan to try this next (when I get the chance) The Vet assistant suggested I buy some strips of the plastic carpet runner (used when showing homes, etc..) that has the plastic points on the underside. Lay this out on the tables or furniture you want the pets off (pointy side up) and it should deter them without really hurting them. I think you can find it at home depot or similar – good luck. I’ll be checking back to see what worked for you.

  9. Dede says:

    Would any of these work for husbands who spend way too much time on the couch>?? Hmmm, have to try them.. Hee Hee

  10. Wendi says:

    They have a product called a scat mat which you place on the couch and it will give her a little shock when she gets up there. I have a 150 pound mastiff that I keep catching on the couch!

  11. Kris says:

    You will love the LL Bean dog bed. We have had ours for 8 years and it still looks brand new. There was a time before we had the dog bed that our 90lb lab would sneak up on the couch and that was a huge No-No in our house. So when we weren’t around we would prop the cushions up on all the furniture. Yes, it would look funny to our guest I’m sure when someone would come over, but I would just explain “I was just getting done vacuuming under the cushions when you came”. Seemed to work for us and after time we would just say to Molly (dog) “Go to your bed” and she would. In fact if I didn’t carry her bed to my side of the bed at night, she would come, stick her face in my face and look at me like “you forgot someone”. We had to put our dog down last February, I miss the dog hair, my “baby” and its amazing how many crumbs are now under those cushions.