I returned from Savannah 24 hours ago and since walking in the door with my oh-so-heavy suitcase, I’ve been doing my usual working mother routine. First, there was no real food in the house. I have to give my husband credit, he did go out and get a gallon of milk and a pound of strawberries so the fridge didn’t look completely bare.

My kitchen floor was covered with tufts of dog hair. No one seems to see those but me. Homework that could have been done over the weekend was “waiting for Mom to check it” and my own laundry, which was not done before my trip was now really in need of attention. When I packed for Savannah (an hour before the time I needed to leave for the airport) I basically threw whatever I could find in the suitcase. I brought three dresses and wore none. I brought one pair of jeans and wore them almost the whole trip. I packed only two pairs of shoes and my Brooks sneakers. I think Kristin had seven pairs of shoes in her suitcase.

Savannah was a really fun city. Well, truth be told, I should say the Westin is a really nice resort. I didn’t get to experience much of the city because I arrived late on Thursday night and left early Monday morning. I usually try to tack a full day on to the Escape so I can relax. This year I had the added joy of seeing my family, as my two sisters and my parents traveled to Savannah for the weekend. I’m not sure my dad knew what to think of the whole Manic Mommies experience. But he gets huge props for being the only man besides Otie in the room.

Overall, I think the ladies had a good time at Escape 2012, judging from the photos and comments on our Facebook page. It was super exciting to see so many participating in the Brooks 5K (I walk-ran it) and another group was up early on Sunday for yoga.

Our speakers shared tips and strategies that our guests will hopefully be able to use at home, work and school, and we wrapped the weekend with a keynote by Donna Adamo that made us laugh out loud and sniffle through tears.

Of course, none of it would be possible without our partner and sponsor Chevrolet. Without them, we simply couldn’t pamper our listeners the way we like to (and we’d have to charge a lot more for tickets)!

Truth is, every year Kristin and I ask ourselves how long we can keep the dream alive. Then we meet our fans, witness the power of this amazing community of women and come home high on Escape fumes.

Before I know it, I’m asking, “So, where should we go next year?”


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3 Responses to Back to Reality

  1. Christine says:

    We loved it! And especially loved the “see you next year!” part at the end. On the drive over, the four of us all commented in various ways that we weren’t sure it was worth it – the hassle of organizing everything, the disasters we were sure we’d come home to. And we all agreed 100% that we were so glad we went. Thank you so much for planning it and I can’t wait to see where we are off to in 2013!

  2. Kelly B says:

    This was my first escape and I had a great time. I came alone, met some nice people, slept a lot, had time to myself to listen to music, take a bath, read a book without being interrupted and Friday morning I even slept till 10. Of course I came home to no homework being done, grocery shopping not done, the boy had no pants left to wear and I had to pick up my daughter who had been dropped off for an impromptu weekend with her grandma. But I had a great time and I can’t wait to go again.
    Chevy was amazing, had a wonderful dinner with them on Saturday – it was nice not to have to eat by myself. I hope next year I can find someone to go with me, as I think I would have had a better time, but I’d still get my own room because that was truly relaxing.

  3. Amy-Sue says:

    I want to go back! It was an amazing weekend, truly an escape and that is really something special for this working mom. I was very impressed with the events, the location, and the resort. It was wonderful to enjoy the long weekend with the Manic Mommies. Thank you!!