Preparing to depart for the Manic Manic Mommies Escape? Before you go, remember you can connect with the rest of the group, share photos and more by doing one or more of the following:

Follow on Twitter - The OFFICIAL Hashtag is #MMescape2012 (Cap MM and full year). We know there has been some confusion (caused mostly by me), but this is the one to watch.

Share on Instagram – Use the same Hashtag to mark your photos and they (should) show up here. Note, this won’t work if you mark them private.

Share on Flickr – You can also join our Manic Mommies Escape group on Flickr to share your photos.

Download the Yapp App  – Thanks to Tracy for creating for us!

Of course if you can’t join us, we know you are with us in spirit! So feel free to share the fun and follow the action.


2 Responses to Follow the Escape

  1. laura says:

    Soooo wish I could be with you ladies this weekend. Can’t wait to hear the show!

  2. kelly b says:

    can’t find the changes to the schedule ans I don’t have an iphone. Hmmmmm