The Escape is less than a week away and the Manic Mommies are sweating the details! This week we talk about the 5K walk/run, Erin’s long overdue walk back to the Moms in Motion group, stylish fitness gear (thanks, Brooks) and the final prep for Kristin and Steve’s 40th birthday extravaganza. Of course, we can’t not talk about superstorm Sandy and wish all of our listeners caught in the storm’s path a quick path to recovery.

Links: Donate to Sandy relief efforts through the Red Cross | Escape Agenda | Moms in Motion

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4 Responses to Podcast: Escape countdown

  1. Kelly B says:

    ARGGGG – here’s hoping Winter Storm Athena doesn’t derail me getting out of Boston tomorrow night. I need to ESCAPE!!!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Ok Erin, you need to control your dog. When I work at my desk and listen to podcasts, my dog dozes in her bed next to me. When I listen to your podcast, Casey starts barking, and my dog wakes up and feels she is under attack. First there is growling, the hair on her neck stands up, she starts barking, and then she runs around the house looking for your dog. Sheesh. Actually, it’s really cute. Oh my, now she’s on the back of my sofa looking out the window for Casey.

  3. Lisa says:

    I’m jealous of the Brooks apparel! :)

    Regarding the NYC marathon: I think most runners agreed with canceling it–but the cancellation should have happened on Monday, or Tuesday at the latest. Instead they waited until pretty much everyone had already traveled to NYC.

    A friend of mine flew out from Denver that morning, arrived, checked into her hotel, spent $$$ at the race expo figuring this would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. An hour after she picked up her bib, they announced the race was canceled. Seriously? Because they couldn’t have figured that out until thousands of runners spent $$$ to fly from other parts of the country (or world!), $$$ for transportation from the airport to the hotel, $$$ for the hotel, $$$ for a meal and $$$ at the expo? Really?

    There are many terrible tragedies playing out in NYC, NJ and other areas as hurricane recovery efforts continue, but note that while New Yorkers were angry and nasty about the marathon (even though most of them were completely unaffected by the hurricane, as they had seemingly endless power to blog, tweet and carry about their lives), they had no problem whatsoever with thousands of people coming to NYC to spend lots of money in their city otherwise. Hmmmmm.

  4. Erin says:

    @Jennifer, that’s hilarious! At one of the Escape workshops the speaker (OK, my sister) was talking about negotiating a more flexible schedule at work, how to convince your boss you can work from home and she said something about how you need to be sure your dog is not going to bark when the trash collectors come by and you are on a conference call, etc. Everyone in the room turned around and looked at me and laughed. Yep, my dog has a bad rep.