It’s another Sunday morning and the Manic Mommies are catching up on everything from politics and confusing political commercials; Halloween costumes and weather; inappropriate costumes and canoodling on Dancing with the Stars; idle threats and wardrobe battles, grocery shopping, home improvements and more.

Took us a couple of attempts but we got it done!

Links mentioned: Electoral Dysfunction | Elizabeth Warren | Scott Brown | | Scott Brown And Elizabeth Warren’s Mesothelioma Two-Step | Tosh.O | Lego Monster Fighters Vampyre Castle | Lego Indiana Jones Costume‘Dancing With the Stars’ Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy dish on relationship | Ana Dooley

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5 Responses to Podcast: Are the elections over yet?

  1. debbie says:

    What did we do before Google… The dancer on dancing with stars that is super tall,tan and barely dressed…her name is edyta and she was born in Poland.

    This is a great season… Loved that donny sang last week with Susan boyle.

    See you ladies at the escape.


  2. Emma says:

    You guys mentioned a survey for the Escape. I can’t find it. Can you direct me

  3. Erin says:

    We haven’t posted it yet! Will soon. You will also get an email with link to survey.

  4. Geli says:

    Had to stop the podcast to comment about halloween costumes: I feel the same way about guns and costumes! My 7yo boy wants to have an olive drab colored gun to go with his army outfit. To me, toy guns need to have plenty of orange on them, especially on the muzzle, since even in real guns the orange muzzle means that the firing pin has been removed.

    I love that you got yourself a Lego set, Kristin! The Log Cabin in the Woods has been on my wishlist for a year, but nobody has gotten it for me yet.. ;)

  5. Rae says:

    Kristin I totally understand how you feel about living in a state that is solid one way or the other- I live in Texas- solidly red.