Here’s what I know to be true – if we don’t do something on Saturday, go on some adventure, take some trip, or go somewhere special, I feel like we’ve wasted the weekend. It’s too easy to let the weekend slip away from us, destroyed by an endless “to do” list of home improvements, laundry and other time killers.

This weekend, despite our general inclination to avoid crowds, we headed into Boston with plans to take in the sites and sounds of all the boat-based events in Boston. In addition to OpSail Boston 2012, a commemoration of the war of 1812 and The Star-Spangled Banner; it’s Fleet Week in the city, and the weekend before Independence Day – add sun and you have a recipe for crowds.

We started our journey at 9:40 am, taking the MBTA into the city and didn’t arrive back at our local station until 5:45 pm. After arriving at South Station, we found one of Boston’s best deals – the MBTA’s inner harbor ferry from Long Wharf (next to the Boston Aquarium) to the Charlestown Navy Yard for a mere $1.70 each way (and free for the kids). We toured the Norwegian frigate HNoMS Thor Heyerdahl, explored the USS Constitution, took the ferry back and then did the one thing the kids had been waiting for all day. . .

We let them get wet.

Across from the Boston Aquarium, in the middle of the Rose  F. Kennedy Greenway is the Rings Fountain, which throughout the day shoots water up from 63 nozzles, soaking everyone standing around it. On very hot days, it’s not unusual to see more than a few adults jumping in amongst the kids.

I’m not going to say our trip was perfect. We had more than a few breakdowns, tears, fights and fallouts. But it was still a very good day, and makes today – a day spent on chores and catching up – a little easier to manage.

More pictures from our day are here.


6 Responses to Snapshot: Boston

  1. Susan says:

    This gives me hope that I will have fond memories of the week vaca I’m on right now w kids on their WORST behavior. Fights–check. Tears–check. Breakdowns and fallout–CHECK, I’m hiding in the bathroom as I “speak.”

  2. Sandy says:

    We were able to visit Boston for the first time this past week-what a beautiful city !

  3. Idith says:

    We love that water spot!
    Our favorite way to end a day in Boston! We usually stop at the north end to pick up pastries and sit down on the benches or the grass and have a nice afternoon pastry and coffee while the kids play in the water.

  4. Jen D. says:

    OMG, Sophie got a new do?!? She looks so grown up! Nice pics, Kristin :).

  5. Jen says:

    Feel the same way here, we need to get out of the house – together- even if it’s just to a local park. And of course it wouldn’t be a family outing with beakdowns, tears, fights & fallouts! <3

  6. Lisa says:

    I was visiting family in Boston for the last 2 weeks (from Australia) – I grew up in Southern NH, went to HS around Boston and my mom now lives in the North End. My 10-y-o LOVED the ring fountain! Isn’t the whole Greenway amazing?! To think it all used to be a multi-level expressway! Boston did a wonderful and generous thing by pulling down the central artery, burying I-93 and putting that park on top – it has totally transformed that part of the city.