Spring has sprung and with it comes the first Saturday of soccer season.

As the kids get older, there is no question that sports are getting more competitive. The kids are taking it a little more seriously (and so are the parents), with the added pressure making ensuring the children also have fun a challenge.

At today’s game the vibe was a little different. My husband thinks it was because, unlike the fall, there are a lot of sport options, with some of the better players opting for baseball. I’m not sure if that’s true, but all of the players today seemed to be on the same level with no individual child running away with the game, and everyone showing a remarkable level of teamwork.

It was a good thing.

No matter the skill level of a team, there is always a moment when one child drops the ball, misses a kick, or lets in a goal. This photo captures that moment of personal disappointment for me. What it doesn’t show is how, after taking a minute to reflect, the goalie got up, got the ball and got on with the game.

And that was a great thing.

I had several runners up from today, which either means I’m getting better at using my camera (I’m not sure that’s true). But here was one more favorite:

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2 Responses to Snapshot: Spring Soccer

  1. Great shots, Kristin! Yes, that’s true. You’re really getting better at using your camera.

  2. Kristin says:

    Thanks Maricris – I’m really having fun. But I think I may have gone right over the edge of crazy.