It’s been a tough weekend for Anders.

What started off good, with a sleep over at nana and papa’s, a trip to Target to celebrate surviving his first MCAS, and the promise of a friend coming to visit on Saturday, ended with him suffering from a stiff neck and the threat of going to the doctor tomorrow to find out if he did anything more serious than a sprained his neck.

While he wasn’t thrilled about being forced to hang out on the couch with a warm pack strapped to his neck, he did enjoy acting as tutor and guide as his father ventured into the world of Wizard101. Inspired by a recent Digital Photography School challenge, I tried capturing the moment in black and white, with the photo below being one of my favorite.

I think it’s how Anders is covering his face, while Steve looks bemused by whatever is on the screen, that makes me love this photo. I suspect we’ll have many more of these video game-based bonding moments in the future.

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One Response to Snapshot: Male Bonding

  1. Wendy says:

    Oh that is too funny! Love the hand-to-head. :)