It has been a crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy week (sometimes you need a few extra “crazies” to fully capture the depth of crazy) and I didn’t have a chance to put my hands on my camera all week. In fact, while unloading the card, I realized Steve had taken it on his recent road trip to Syracuse, and I hadn’t even noticed it was gone!

A crazy week was followed by a busy weekend, capped off with my Girl Scout troops first time participating in International Day. While there was a lot to do, and nearly 200 scouts running around, it was a great opportunity to break out the camera.

Of course while the subject of this week’s snapshot was easy, finding a photo was not. In part because I don’t feel comfortable posting photos of other people’s children to my blog, meaning some of my favorite shots will have to be reserved for my friends on Facebook.

While watching the other troops perform their international skits and songs (our troop opted out for this year), I challenged myself to take a photo where the performers were blurred, but the details of our scouts’ head dress were in focus. It took many tries before I got what I was looking for, by which time I’m sure the child sitting in front of me was wondering WHAT I was snapping pics of!

For those who are interested – below is this week’s snapshot runner up.

Often, when going through my photos, I find one that surprises me. This one of our daughter is just that type of picture. I just happened to press the button when she shoved her face in my lens – I love the way her eyes are in focus, but the lower part of her face is not.

But I’ll admit I didn’t pick this one as my “official” snapshot because she’s an easy subject – super cute.

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4 Responses to Snapshot: International Day

  1. Lynne says:

    Hi Kristin…..because I can’t figure out where to put this, here it is….it has nothing do do with International Day….but you did mention crazy, and this does have an organizational aspect to it…… I immediately thought of you and Erin when I saw this Etsy item…….

    I am enjoying your posts about learning to use your camera, as I am also dabbling in the wonderful world of photography…….

  2. Shauna says:

    Have you looked into modeling for Sophie?
    I’m not just trying to butter you up. She would make an amazing model!

  3. Melonie says:

    Our 1st grade Daisy troop attended their first Thinking Day a week or so ago. Never thought it would be so much work! But the girls had a fantastic time…hope your troop did too!