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I’m pleased to say that this months book recommendation came from a regular participant with the Manic Mommies Book Club.

Thank you Jill for suggesting Sand in My Eyes.  I haven’t read this book yet but after hearing Jill rave about this one, I can’t wait to read it!   Click here to read Jill’s interview with the author.

Just a reminder that we do record the calls and post them the book club archive if you are reading along but do not have a chance to make a call, you can always catch up and hear author insights.

We have 24 copies to give away to Manic Mommies listeners and book clubbers. The book discussion is scheduled for March 23rd, watch for details on how to join the conversation as we get closer to the date.

Synopsis: Twenty years ago, Anna Hott thought she could control everything — her crumbling marriage, her demanding children, her hectic life — by quitting her high-placed job in New York City and moving her family to tranquil Sanibel Island, Florida. But she brought her untamed emotions, her rage toward her cheating husband, and her yearning to write a novel with her. When her husband and children left the house for a week, Anna thought at last she would get her household, her novel, and her mind in order. Instead, her elderly neighbor Fedelina Aurelio knocked on her door bearing flowers and homespun wisdom, and when Fedelina’s recently divorced son arrived, Anna had a test of passions and a test of truth. Now, at 56 with an empty nest, Anna Holt pulls out the incomplete manuscript she started that memorable week and — to find closure for her life and a conclusion for her novel — travels to Indiana to visit Fedelina who lives in a nursing home.

To enter this month’s giveaway, send an e-mail (comments are not considered entries) to Put “Sand in My Eyes” in the subject line. Please include your shipping address in the body of your message.

Winners will be selected at random on Wednesday evening, February 2nd.

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2 Responses to March Book Club: Sand in My Eyes

  1. Teresa says:

    Oh great choice. I read this one awhile ago and it was fantastic!

  2. Amy-Sue says:

    Can’t wait to read it! :)