It’s time for us to visit historical fiction again since we haven’t read a book in this genre in a while. Our December selection takes place long before the Salem witch trials, this is Thomas Carrier’s story (his wife plead innocent during her trial). Did you know he was seven feet tall and lived to the age of 109? He may have been larger than life or maybe storytellers have made him larger than life.

The Wolves of Andover was written by Kathleen Kent, a direct descendant to Martha Carrier. She has an interesting background, click here to read an author Q&A.  Kent has a way with words, she’s so descriptive and makes the reader feel a part of the story. I can’t wait to read this one.

Just a reminder that we do record the calls and post them the book club archive if you are reading along but do not have a chance to make a call, you can always catch up and hear author insights.

We have several copies to give away to Manic Mommies listeners and book clubbers. The book discussion is scheduled for December 15, watch for details on how to join the conversation as we get closer to the date.

Synopsis: In the harsh wilderness of colonial Massachusetts, Martha Allen works as a servant in her cousin’s household, taking charge and locking wills with everyone. Thomas Carrier labors for the family and is known both for his immense strength and size and mysterious past. The two begin a courtship that suits their independent natures, with Thomas slowly revealing the story of his part in the English Civil War. But in the rugged new world they inhabit, danger is ever present, whether it be from the assassins sent from London to kill the executioner of Charles I or the wolves-in many forms-who hunt for blood. A love story and a tale of courage, The Wolves of Andover confirms Kathleen Kent’s ability to craft powerful stories of family from colonial history.

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2 Responses to December Book Club: The Wolves of Andover

  1. Melissa says:

    I read this book a while ago and liked it immensely. Good choice!

  2. Jilleen says:

    Mari – thanks for doing such an awesome job with the MM bookclub.