The Meal Makeover Moms sent me this post, I don’t know, probably a month ago! I forgot about it until today when I was packing the kids’ water bottles for camp and downing an 8oz glass of cold water myself.

One thing that’s similar about Rochester and Boston: It’s damn hot this week.

Kids and Hydration
By Janice Newell Bissex, MS, RD & Liz Weiss, MS, RD

“I’m thirsty!” How many times have parents heard that comment, as they shuttle their children to after-school activities or Saturday morning soccer games? To quench all those cries and complaints, experts suggest keeping kids well “watered” throughout the day. Whether it’s summer, winter, spring, or fall, good hydration is critical for children, especially when they’re active and on the go.

Perhaps the easiest and most convenient way to remind busy children to “drink up,” is to pack a bottle of water in their backpack before they rush off for school or slip one into their sport’s bag. At zero calories, a bottle of cool, refreshing water is a smart choice. And given the fact that well over 30% of U.S. children are overweight or obese, it’s important to be mindful of the types of beverages offered to kids. Loading up on sugary drinks packs on the calories and provides little to no nutrition.

If your child drinks one soft drink a day, try weaning her to one a week. After one year alone, she’ll drink 29 fewer gallons and shave 50,000 calories from her diet. Substituting a no-calorie, all-natural beverage such as bottled water, or water right from the tap, for a sugary drink can help children maintain a healthy body weight.

In the end, bringing a reusable water bottle (we recommend those that are BPA-free) wherever you go for a quick thirst quencher saves money and time … especially when the kids say, “I’m thirsty.”

Average calories and sugar in a 12-ounce grab-and-go beverage:
(calories, teaspoons of sugar)

Bottled Water (0, 0)
Sports drinks (110, 6)
Sweetened teas (130, 7)
Lemonade (140, 9)
Soft drinks (150, 10)
Fruit punch and “drinks” (180, 11)


2 Responses to Kids and Hydration

  1. Michelle says:

    AMEN!!! we allow yummy drinks only when healthy one aren’t available. our daughter knows the rules, too. she finishes her glass of milk or apple juice and knows that if she’s still thirsty it’s “water please!!!”

  2. Jilleen says:

    I finally weened my husband off of coke (1 a day now instead of 3 – 4) with the SOBE water. First it was the ones with calories and now he is sold on the flavors with zero calories. I have faught this battle for years. Thanks for SOBE it finally worked!