It's a good thing she's pretty.

As regular readers will know, last November our daughter managed to get a bead stuck up her nose. A big, shiny bead that sparkled like a diamond when a flashlight was pointed up her nostril, and made our daughter emit a slight whistle when she breathed.

It still kind of makes me laugh.

In the time since, we’ve noticed that our daughter has a nose fetish – she doesn’t pick her nose, but she does seem to regularly evaluate items to find out if they will fit UP her nose. When she’s come close to actually testing the fit/doesn’t fit theory, we have been able to avoid an incident with a well-timed comment or minor distraction.

Until tonight when, 40 minutes after putting our daughter to bed (and 10 minutes into the Glee finale), she came downstairs in hysterics, telling us she wanted to go to the doctor because she “accidentally got a bead stuck up her nose.”

As I worked on calming her (and her father) down, I started to question whether she actually had a bead up her nose, or if we were being played. Last time we could see the bead, and the right side of her nose was slightly swollen. This time there is no lump, no shine, and no funny sound coming from her nose.

There is a small pile of pony beads on the floor of her bedroom, which is only creating more confusion.

While I’m not convinced she has a bead in her cranium, I’m also not sure she’s “playing” us. My current theory is that she caught herself testing whether the pony bead would fit, then realized what she was about to do and freaked out.

That’s not saying we’re not going to keep an eye on her. But as Dr. Rob told us last time, if it did end up going further up her nose, the chances were that she’d end up swallowing the bead (I was worried she would aspirate it).

Did I mention that I have a meeting tomorrow, so if there is a bead stuck up there, her father is so going to have to deal with it?


15 Responses to When a bead gets up your nose… again?

  1. PaperPusher says:

    I had a bead stuck up my nose what I was about Sophie’s age, and my parents figured it out when my breath got really bad. They couldn’t see it or feel it, but somehow it impacted my breath?

  2. Erin L. says:

    LOL! My daughter recently put a seed up her nose. I wasn’t convinced at first, but she was freaking out and poking her finger into her nostril. We had already spent all day at my doctor’s office, and I did not want to spend even more time at her’s. We were able to get her to blow it out eventually. The whole time the main thought in my head was, “What the heck was she thinking?!”

  3. Cinda says:

    Oh I hope it isn’t a bead again. It’s certainly a worry whenever I see anything small like a bead on the floor with my baby around. The last time one of my kids got something stuck up their nose was when my son stuck a PEZ candy up his nose. He was sitting down and playing with his toy dinosaurs and kept trying to put the dinosaur’s tail up his nose. I told him not to do it and he burst out in tears telling me he had something stuck up his nose. I rushed him to the doctors not knowing what was stuck up there and just as we got to the door he coughed and out came the PEZ! Phew!

  4. KellyB says:

    Wow. Kids doing the funnies things. My son (who is 7) on Monday, after being sick for 4 days, told me he couldn’t walk. Of course I was like, you must be joking you need to go to school, you no longer have a fever. He was sitting there with crocodile tears wondering why I wouldn’t believe him. So off to the ER we went, turns out he had a virus (which we knew about) but ends with kids having severe muscle swelling which could leave them with being unable to walk. Its very common, you would think the doctor might of mentioned this on Saturday when we went to see if he had strep.

    Needless to say this is the kid that also broke his collarbone twice in 4 months.

  5. KIDS!!

    Years ago I was driving with my sister and my nephew when he decided to stick a little candy up his nose!! It got wedged so far up his nose and we could not get it out that we had to go to ER, where they sucked it out with a hose!!

    My nephew was traumatized, my sister was panicking…when all was said and done I asked my nephew if he wanted to eat it now!! EWWWEEE!! That grossed my sis out but hey made everyone laugh!

    Oh the things that kids do!

  6. Liz says:

    Wow, kids do the craziest things. My daughter has put rocks up her nose. My youngest sister put a bead in her ear which was harder to get out then in the nose.

  7. Laura says:

    Update, Kristin, please…. was the bead in the nose? and if so, how did it get out. Inquiring moms need to know.

  8. We are cautiously optimistic that the bead is not up her nose. (We’ve tried the blowing in her mouth trick in the past and has not worked for us – but I think that was just our luck, not the trick).

    I am monitoring her breath in case it’s stuck somewhere in her sinuses – I’m assuming it will start to smell funny. : )

  9. Melinda says:

    2 out of 3 of my kids had something stuck up their nose about that age. Funniest was my middle child who kept saying she had an eye in her nose. Turned out it was a googly eye (those craft eyes you glue on things). But it took me forever to understand why she had an eye in her nose. The other kid did the bead thing. Luckily the Dr. was able to get them both out with tweezers.

  10. Julie Kaye says:

    Such an experimental and curious kid! Do you ever worry about what she’ll try when she hits the teens/tweens? Or would that freak you out too much?

  11. Reba says:

    My son stuck a dried up piece of playdoh up
    his nose he cried until his nose ran and it oozed out in a playdoh pinky-orange slimy mess. My cousin stuck a cheap matchbox sized car tire in her nose and another cousin stuck a marble up there all around this same age.

  12. Rachel says:

    My son stuck a red bead up his nose when he was three. Of course my husband was not home that evening. So I piled into the car with my son and my then infant daughter. I found it funny that each and every person that asked why were were there felt compelled to tell me the things that their children, brother, sister or neighbor had put up their nose or ingested. As we sat in the ER waiting room I encouraged my son to blow his nose a few times. Before we were ever seen by a doctor, he blew the bead out. There was still a charge for the ER visit. That was a pretty spendy bead ;-).

  13. Melinda says:

    Oh this brought back memories! My son stuck a yogurt raisin up his nose. Being first-time parents, we didn’t think to wait it out a bit. We went straight to the ER.The nurse took us back into a room to check his vitals. He was so disturbed by the fact that she was taking his temp and heart beat, etc., that he was crying hysterically (NOT crying about the yogurt raisin). He cried so hard and got so “hot” that the yogurt began to melt, and with one big scream and kick at the nurse, the yogurt raisin flew right out. :) (I don’t think they charged us for that visit…)

  14. Karen says:

    My son tried to tell us one night that he put something in his nose too. We never could see or feel anything. It never hurt him and nothing came back out. I think he dreamed it.

  15. ds says:

    My child put something up her nose (says it’s a bead.) Took her to urgent care. They couldn’t get it out. Took her to the ER, couldn’t get it out again. I’m being told to send her to an ENT specialist. That will take some time to schedule. Wonder if he can even get it out. She spends the night having crying fits every two hours. She’s not getting any sleep so now she’s coming down with cold symptoms, has a low grade temp, headache, stomachache so now I’m trying to evaluate whether it’s a combo of discomfort from the bead plus lack of sleep plus she’s got a cold or if it’s the beginning of an infection, etc. Nothing funny to me about this one.