It’s October 11th and Halloween is looming. At least for any manic mommy faced with the challenge of finding a suitable Halloween costume for her son.

Anders and I have been contemplating our options for the last week. His vote is for Thomas, not surprising, except the costume promises to be a nightmare for his father. You see, the Thomas costume options require Anders to wear either a train car (a box held up with suspenders), or a “candy catcher.” Either choice will end up with Steve carrying the costume around the neighborhood, while Anders runs around in jeans and a turtleneck. That’s not a costume, that’s what he wears to school!

A comic book reader in my youth, I’d prefer a superhero costume. Seems silly to “prefer” anything, it is Anders’ costume, but there it is. Plus, superhero costumes are generally pretty simple, easy to buy or create and usually can accommodate “other” clothing on cold nights. Plus, it’s my money, and he’s 3. So, I get final say.

This doesn’t even approach the “buy vs make” question. When I was a kid, my mom made most of our costumes. The most famous being the “blue nun” – a costume created entirely of blue paper hospital drapery. Drapery that, in fact, turned out to be highly flammable! This was not discovered, of course, until after we returned home from a Halloween party and my father put the drapery to the test (no, I wasn’t wearing it). You can only imagine my mother’s shock and dismay. And let’s not even talk about why she dressed me as a nun…

One costume that was my favorite was Wonder Woman. Do you see a pattern? I was obsessed with Wonder Woman. The costume was vintage early 80’s – a plastic “dress” printed with the Wonder Woman costume and a plastic face mask that I remember left me feeling suffocated and sweaty. Do they even make costumes like that anymore?

These days, making most costumes seems impractical when you can buy a pretty sophisticated costume for less that $20. At least sophisticated compared to my Wonder Woman costume. So, today I want to Party City, without children, to purchase a costume.

Steve and I had decided that “Dash” from the Incredibles would be a great choice. Anders is always running, and he’s bright blonde, it seemed perfect. Plus, a mom in the ‘hood told me his friends would be Batman and Spiderman. But all they had at the store was “Mr Incredible” – with muscles that on my son’s skinny frame would look ridiculous. Plus, I couldn’t figure out what size to get him – Toddler 4-6 or boy 2-4. How do these sizes relate to anything in the “real world?”

Out of desperation, I asked a mom with a 4-year old girl what size I should get. She had overheard me on my cellphone asking Steve if I should buy Mr. Incredible or Robin (as in Batman and…). She told me what size, but then suggested I check out the Disney Store. Apparently I could buy a pair of Incredibles PJs for less money AND they’d be reusable. I love moms.

Once at home, I looked at the Disney store online. Poo – the PJs, which would be perfect, are out of stock. They have a Dash costume but….. it has muscles? Who designed a costume with muscles for Dash? What am I missing? Dash was the skinny little boy, right? For the love of…

To make my long story short, I’m still trying to figure out how to make my son “Dash”. I may be buying – I found a lady on eBay who specializes in kids pjs. I may be making – I figure red sweat pants, sweat shirt and black felt and I’m halfway there. Of course I’m not sure how to make the mask…

By the way – here’s are article from my pediatrician who has definite ideas when it comes to Halloween:
The Dark Side of Halloween


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